Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks: Clothing

By Blonde Bowhemian - July 12, 2018

On the odd chance that you don't follow any bloggers on social media, allow me to introduce to you to Nordstrom's anniversary sale. Every year they offer some really great discounts on both summer and fall apparel, shoes, and accessories. People go somewhat insane over the sale because it's pretty abnormal to see a retailer offer discounts on items before the season even starts. Usually we have to wait until December to see discounts on fall items. That being said, even though it's 90 degrees out and you probably can't fathom donning a sweater, this is a great time to stock up on some items for the coming seasons. 

Up until July 20th, the sale is for cardmembers only. If you're a plebeian like myself, you'll have to wait a week to shop. But, there's no harm in taking a peek now and shortlisting the items you want once the sale opens to the public. Below I've rounded up some of my favorite clothing items; click on the image to be taken to product detail page. 

Happy shopping!

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