Nantucket Packing List

By Blonde Bowhemian - July 25, 2017

Let me just preface this by saying that for the entire week before our trip to Nantucket, the predicted weather changed every day. One day it said there would be thunderstorms all weekend, the next it said it would be sunny and 80 degrees. Keeping in mind this unpredictability, I tried to pack a variety of clothing options and layers in my packable tote (on another note, living on my own has made me realize I own zero luggage...)

We ended up having great weather (I never had to pull out my rain coat!), albeit lots of humidity and fairly cool nights. I went from peeling off layers to being thankful for my jeans and sweater without fail each day. Here's what was in my bag:

one (similar) // two // three (on sale!)
four // five (similar) // six (on sale!) 
seven // eight (on sale!) // nine

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