Continuing to Eat My Way Through Melbourne

By Blonde Bowhemian - June 06, 2016

Time for the final post on my time in Melbourne! I definitely shouldn't have waited this long to make this post as now everything I did during my time there is all jumbled up and I'm probably going to forget some things, but I'll try my best! So let's see...

Maybe it was still jet lag or maybe I was still digesting my 3493509 calorie milkshake from the day before, but Monday morning I took it slow and met John for lunch on campus after his morning classes. Then I huffed it into the city and onto the tram and made my way to the Melbourne Zoo like the 5 year old that I am. Sadly, I arrived a few minutes too late to do an "encounter" with a Kangaroo, aka get the perfect Insta, but oh well. I walked around for a few hours, saw some alligators, giraffes, koalas, kangaroos, lions, elephants, etc. The zoo was creepily empty, probably for good reason as it started to rain towards the end of my time there. I ran back to the tram stop and headed back into the city. Absolutely needing to find cover, I decided it was a perfect time to do some shopping and perused around a bit before returning back to campus and grabbing dinner with John.

much cute so chlamydia 
baby joey 
not so cowardly

Tuesday was a jam-packed day so I went back into the city pretty early to make sure I was able to fit everything in! First stop, unsurprisingly, was the Queen Victoria Market, a giant outdoor food, clothing, and knick-knack marketplace. I started out at the food hall, bypassed the meat and fish stalls obviously, and explored all of the chocolate, cheese, and carb-heavy kiosks. Somehow I had the self-control to not buy any food and headed off to the clothes and tchotchkes. There were endless stalls of items, many had very touristy souvenirs, but some had more unique and functional pieces. I picked up a gift for my parents and meandered the many hallways for awhile before my hanger got the best of me.
taste the rainbow

whozits & whatzits galore
Even though I was at a food hall, I thought it would be a good idea to leave and find food elsewhere...unclear why. But, it ended up working out as, after a quick Instagram consult, I found myself at Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters with a beautiful iced coffee and avocado toast in front of me. So amazing. But I also don't think I've ever had a bad avocado toast. Once properly fueled, I took off for more shopping and actually ended up buying clothes this time. I like to think of them as my souvenirs of Australia... that works, right? Then it was back to campus to meet John and get his birthday celebrations started now that he had finished class!
We were back on campus for a little while, then I brought John into the city for a surprise birthday dinner at No. 35 Restaurant on the 35th floor of the Sofitel. It was probably the most incredible dinner I've had as our table looked out over the Melbourne skyline. Not to mention the food and drinks were on point as well. Overall an amazing experience, if you're ever in Melbourne definitely go! After dinner, it was back to campus to continue our celebrations! John showed me one of his favorite bars, plus a bar/club he usually goes to with his friends before we met up with his friends at a third club, their favorite. I'd say based on how we felt the following day that we celebrated his 21st properly.
average, yk?
bday boy!
cheers, m8
Wednesday morning was a slow one, but I eventually made my way into the city and into the neighborhood of Fitzroy, what I like to think of as the Brooklyn of Melbourne. Super hip, in a rundown sort of way, if you know what I mean. I walked up the main road, explored the trendy shops, including stationary, furniture, and clothing stores, and then randomly stumbled upon the mecca of swimsuits stores. Of course, I ended up buying a bathing suit. When in Australia, right? Then I headed to a cafe I had scoped out on Instagram ahead of time, Sir Charles. I got a potato rosti with poached egg, gf toast, sundried tomatoes and some type of chutney. Wow. Amazing, as usual. Couldn't stop there, though. Then it was off to N2 Extreme Gelato for some liquid nitrogen-infused creme brûlée gelato. Ugh. Once properly settled into my food coma it began to rain so I took the tram back to the CBD and took the train back to campus where I proceeded to lay down and digest for the next few hours. I wish the rain had held off as I had so much more to see in Fitzroy, but I'm glad I made it out there at all as it was a really unique and cool neighborhood. Definitely visit if you're in Melbourne!
minimalist vibes 

Thursday John and I did the Great Ocean Road, which will be its own post!

Speak soon!



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