The Unofficial Maymester

By Blonde Bowhemian - May 17, 2016

Hello again!

I'm currently writing to you from Melbourne, Australia as I start off what I've dubbed my unofficial maymester. Last summer, before jetting off to France, I decided I was interested in spending my entire junior year abroad, with each semester in a different location. But, I was not able to do so due to major-related requirements, so my parents and I compromised on a "maymester" program (abroad programs that run during the month of May). But, then none of the programs I was interested in ended early enough for me to start working for the summer, so we compromised yet again on an unofficial maymester, aka me visiting John in Australia and receiving absolutely zero academic credit, really a win-win in my book, but maybe not in my parents'...thanks guys you rock!!

Just because I'm not spending any time in a classroom doesn't mean I'm not learning things, though, don't fear, Mom & Dad! For example, after 27 hours of travel, 21 of which were spent on a plane, I learned that the best way to approach that situation is to stockpile as much free mini bottles of wine as possible on the flight from New York to Los Angeles (ty, Qantas) and save it for right before you take off for the 15 hour flight from LA to Melbourne, then continue with the free wine during that flight as well #lifelessons. Flying is without a doubt my biggest fear in life. Call me crazy but there's just something about being 40,000 feet above ground that seems unnatural to me. But, after some nectar of the gods combined with a hefty dose of exhaustion, I was cool, calm, and collected. Seriously, I could've taught a yoga class on that damn plane, savasana and all. I even managed to sleep on and off for the first ten hours, a major accomplishment for me, and something that probably kept me from going temporarily insane during those last few hours. In sum, who needs to pay for academic credit when you can learn much more important life skills via free wine?? 

As of now though, I'm pretty much catatonic and can't stop eating, I think I've already had 4 meals today and it's only 2pm...whoops. I'm also trying to stay awake until a reasonable hour in order to reset my extremely disoriented biological clock, so I'm downing any and all coffee I can get my hands on, keeping myself busy, and avoiding beds and couches at all costs. Today I have gotten myself from the airport to the main train station where John surprised me and helped me navigate the metro back to his campus (major thank you to him), found lunch (aka free wifi) on my own while he was in class, got money from an ATM, made a dinner reservation, and am now writing this in the student space while John finishes up his last class of the day. So far so good, but I can't promise what the next 8 hours hold. Regardless, I'm beyond excited/can't even believe that I'm here and cannot wait to share my adventures with you all!



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