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By Blonde Bowhemian - April 06, 2016

Summer is somehow just around the corner and with only a month left in school and an upcoming vacation in May I've begun my search for some new bathing suits. For some reason, and I know I'm not alone in this, I always have an incredibly difficult time finding cute, affordable, and flattering ones. This is probably due to the fact that there are really only two main players in the game: Victoria's Secret and Triangl.

Admittedly, I do love those brands and have bought my fair share from each (and some Triangl dupes from Amazon...) But I've challenged myself to find some other retail options, because as much as I love looking like every other girl on the beach, I don't! Plus, it's nice to spice up your wardrobe every so often and try out a new brand or two (or three...) So, here are some alternative sites to find your next summer suit without breaking the bank:

The one stop shop for pretty much everything you could ever need. They have a good range of suits from relatively inexpensive (especially if you catch a sale) to on the pricier side, as well as a wide variety of styles. Plus they sell their suits as separates for those of you who may need tops/bottoms that are different sizes. Some of my faves include this strappy tie dye top, this cutout one piece, this peachy neoprene top, this floral bustier, this scalloped high neck top, and this minimalist palm print top. But, there are plenty more throughout their 35 pages of suits, so take a look for yourself!

Not nearly as much variety as Asos, but some great unique options at relatively low prices. I'm crushing on this striped strappy top, this tongue-in-cheek one, and this tie dye top. They also have some cute cover-up options as well.

Zappos' frugal little sister, this sale site has designer and well-known brands like O'Neill, Ralph Lauren, Billabong, and Seafolly for up to 90% off so you're bound to find some deals. The suits are usually a little less trendy and a little more mature, but really how mature can a piece of cloth that literally only covers the necessities be? Plus, if you sign up through email you'll get discount codes pretty often. My only gripe is it can be hard to find the matching bottoms, but with a little effort you should be fine. I'm a fan of this O'Neill paisley bandeau, this Seafolly floral top, this Volcom long-line top, this Kate Spade bow bandeau, and this Seafolly striped top.

If drawing attention on the beach and getting some weird tan lines is what you're after, then this is the place for you, plus there are usually a bunch on sale. I'm leaning towards this marble print bandeau setthis burgundy basic, and this palm printed set (on major sale!) Also, there's a 20% student discount on full price items!

For the preppier people out there, this is a probably already a go-to, but I figured I'd share it anyways. Although their full-price items can be on the more expensive side, there is usually a great selection on sale and J.Crew offers an additional percentage off of sale items if you catch it at the right time. For instance right now they're offering an additional 40% off of sale, making for some great steals. I love this high-neck crop, this grommet triangle top, this dot underwire bandeau, this scalloped french top, and this seersucker shoulder tie top.

I really haven't thought much about Pacsun up until now, but now that I'm looking at their site, I think I may add it back into my list of usuals. Their suits are definitely more on the trendy side, but the price points are great and you can probably catch a sale pretty often! I'm feeling this high neck pineapple print top, this palm print lace up top, this boho scoop top, this tribal print one piece, and this tropical crop top.

I hope this helped you begin to conquer the feat that is bathing suit shopping! If you have any other favorites, I'd love to know!

Happy Shopping!



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