That Time I Gained 10 Pounds Then Lost 100: Part One

By Blonde Bowhemian - December 16, 2015

Hello!! Sorry it's been so long! Between packing, moving houses, studying, and soaking up my last moments in Tours, my blog was put on the back burner. Regardless, here's a little bit about Anna and my trip to Amsterdam and London two weeks ago!

On gaining 10 pounds: Thursday morning I was on the 6:19am train to St. Pierre, then to Massy with an hour "layover," then finally to CDG. I made my way past the never ending lines of police, security, and French army men, something that definitely didn't help to put me at ease (even though I prob should've felt even safer with them all there) and eventually to Amsterdam! I waited around for Anna's plane to land, ate some extremely expensive wok and, after speed walking the equivalent of a half marathon around the various terminals of the airport, found Anna. We grabbed tickets for the train to Amsterdam Central and as we were standing on the platform I heard someone say my very very uncommon name. Shocked, I looked over to see a friend from Bucknell! Seriously, Disney doesn't lie, it really is a small world after all. Turns out Anna, I, Caroline (from Bucknell), and her friend were even staying at the same hostel thanks to a recommendation from a mutual friend. So we took the train with them, then the ferry to our hostel, and checked in.

That night Anna and I did our own little walking tour of Amsterdam aka us roaming aimlessly and checking our map occasionally. We sam Dam square all lit up, came across some angel wings and did our best VS poses, and oogled over all the beautiful lights strung up over the canals. Oh, and I forgot to mention - almost got run over multiple times by bikes and cars alike. Look both ways, people...multiple times.

After wandering/almost dying we decided it would be best to get off the street so we went to our predetermined/insta-stalked restaurant. Being us, the place was small, cute, vegan-friendly (neither of us are vegan but I guess we like the atmosphere? idk), and wallet-friendly, as well. We each had some enviable pumpkin soup, then Anna had some dim sum and I had a Waldorf salad, with sides of the latest gossip and mixed emotions about our semester almost being over.

Dam Square...I think
chandeliers over the canals 
no soup nazi here
The next morning we got up early, with only twelve hours left to see all that Amsterdam had to offer. First stop? Dutch pancakes. We went to a place called "Pancakes!" which is aptly named because !!! they are so 'dam good. I had a (gluten free) dutch pancake with strawberry jam and Anna had a dutch pancake with apples and maple syrup. So gluttonous, but let me tell you, that was just the beginning.
Afterwards, we headed off to the Anne Frank House, where, somehow we had been able to get tickets online, so we got to skip the suuuper long line and head right in. It was incredibly emotional, moving, and kind of hard to imagine it was actually where she and so many others lived, because, seriously, it was not big at all. I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Amsterdam, even if you have to wait in line. We weren't technically supposed to take pictures, but I couldn't help but sneak one of the bookcase, because it was just so cool.
the bookcase
the house
To pick up our spirits, we headed over to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum across the street. We didn't actually go in, because I can only imagine how boring a museum on tulips is, but we did hit the gift shop as usual. Then we strolled through the Jordaan neighborhood and over to the I Amsterdam sign, where we did the necessary touristy stuff including almost killing ourselves trying to get the perfect pic.
Ans <3
day one of this outfit
Then, because it had been a max of three hours without food, we hit up Bagels & Beans for my first (albeit gluten free) bagel in two years!!! WOW. I thought I knew what I was missing and was okay with it but, ugh, I was so wrong. That tuna melt was literally what dreams are made of and I would be fine eating that for the rest of my life. Sadly, I inhaled it and it was over before I knew it. But, as usual, there were way more carbs coming my way.
We were gonna go to the Van Gogh museum, but considering it was 17 euros and we're broke, we decided against it. Instead, we spent probably the equivalent in the Heineken gift shop (still didn't do the museum) on much more worthy items. Then, we decided to explore more of what Amsterdam had to offer and by the time we were done we were even more ready for food. So, we hit up the Wintermarkt and I finally got my cheese fries. Ugh. So good. By this point I think my stomach wanted to kill me, but I didn't let it get to me and persevered through a "chicken burger" sans bun and a chocolate covered banana as we walked/ferried back to the hostel to get our bags.
worth the wait
cultural experience, yk?
I don't even like bananas
Then, we were off! After a short train ride, and walking the perimeter of the entire railway station, we found the spot where our bus was supposed to be (key word: supposed). Luckily, we found some people who were also supposed to be going to Brussels/London so we knew we were in the right place. Eventually, at 8:10, after 40 minutes, the bus came and we loaded on for what I had already decided would be a bus ride from hell...

(see: Part Two)

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