Pearls With an Edge

By Blonde Bowhemian - March 21, 2015

I've always struggled with the idea of wearing pearls. I want to like them, I really do, but they always seem too old fashioned and "stuffy" for my taste. They're so practical, though, as they're neutral so they hardly ever clash with other accessories, and they're not as overwhelmingly sparkly as diamonds and cubic zirconia. But, as much as I've tried over the years to make the jump and buy myself a pair, it just didn't seem like a practical investment for me. I could just picture them sitting untouched in their plush box for years to come. That is, until I discovered the more modern take on pearls that's been popping up all over recently. Rather than making pearl studs and stranded necklaces and bracelets, designers have been combining pearls with edgier metals and designs to create more youthful pieces that have certainly been catching my attention. Some of my favorites are from Sam Edelman, Rebecca Minkoff, and Topshop. Take a look below, I'd love to know what you think!

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Happy Spring and Happy Shopping!



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