New Brand Obsession: Torn by Ronny Kobo

By Blonde Bowhemian - July 23, 2014

If it's good enough for Bey, it's good enough for me

New York, you never let me down. I could spend hours combing the streets in search of the perfect little boutique with unique finds that I wouldn't be able to pick up anywhere else. (I think my mom can attest to this...) Why some people go all the way to the city simply to shop at stores they could find at their local mall, I will never understand. It's like going to an amazing restaurant and ordering a basic ceasar salad. Why, people, why?? There is so much to explore in the city and if you just get a little out of your comfort zone and accept that you may not like every store you go into, you're bound to make some excellent finds.

What I'm (slowly) getting to is my recent discovery of a brand called Torn by Ronny Kobo, which I am now slightly obsessed with. While in the city last week for my visit to Tommy Hilfiger, I naturally did some shopping after the event was over. While meandering down Fifth Ave, around the 20s, I came across a sample sale that I had previously seen mentioned on Instagram. Torn by Ronny Kobo was not a brand I had any knowledge about, but I figured why not, I had nowhere to be, and it was a sample sale so the prices had to be pretty good.

Upon my entrance, I saw racks and racks of mostly dresses, crop tops, and skirts...basically my favorite items of clothing. Needless to say, I knew my credit card was not about to be happy with me. After combing the racks a little, I realized that what really sets Torn apart are the materials used. Every item is so substantial, with impeccable quality. I knew that, regardless of the price, these were pieces that would last me a long time. The majority of the pieces are actually (in following with the current trend!) made of a neoprene-like material, which is thick enough so you don't have to worry about any lines or malfunctions, while also breathable enough for these hot summer days.

The dresses were so gorgeous, with bodycons, patterned cutouts, and fit-and-flares...really something for everyone. There were also skirt and crop top combos, which I was basically drooling over, as well as some shorts and sweaters.

Trying to restrain myself somewhat, I tried on this skirt, these shorts, and this skirt. As much as I wanted to put on every single dress, I knew it was too risky because as hard as it is to admit, I think I have enough dresses...for now. Skirts, however, are actually a department in my closet that could use some work. Trying to find skirts that hit at my waist while also being long enough for my disproportionately long legs has always been an issue, so it's been a struggle in the past to say the least...definite tall girl problems.

The blue skirt wasn't really flattering on me and while the shorts were quite cute they didn't fit me that well, but the floral skirt: in love. The pattern is so summery and tropical, but the thick material and length make it work-appropriate (at least for my office). I knew I needed it wanted it? had-to-have it? ...Semantics, really.

The price list was posted on the wall, but to my surprise that day they were offering an additional 30% off because it was the last day! All in all, the skirt was $49. Although that may still seem like a little much for a skirt, I knew it was a piece I would keep for a long time, and wear often. Being my naturally inquisitive and slightly ridiculous self, I quickly looked up the skirt online to see the retail price, in a quick-ditch effort to make myself feel a little better about handing over my debit card.

$228. Yeah, I had the opportunity to get a designer skirt for about 80% off. I was sold. And let me tell you, not picking up the matching crop top took pretty much all the self-restraint I had. Regardless, I can't wait to wear this skirt, and I already have plans to don it for my grandfather's 95th birthday party! (95...I know, crazy!)
Upon further research, I realized just how popular this line is among celebrities (who knew?) It's pretty cool to say Beyonce, Blake Lively, Khloe Kardashian, and I all own clothes from the same designer, if I do say so myself.

The retail prices can be more than I'm willing to spend sometimes, but it's not hard to find past seasons' pieces on sale, and I'll certainly update you guys the next time there's a sample sale!
I'd love to know what brands you guys have recently discovered!

Happy Wednesday!



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